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Dietitian Tools

The Almond Board of California has funded a great amount of research into the nutrition and health benefits of almonds. This page contains helpful PDFs, toolkits and handouts to use in your practice.


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Almond Nutrition

Give your clients the facts on everything almonds have to offer, including a description of all the nutrients in an ounce of almonds and how almonds stack up to different tree nuts.

Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Planet

Help promote a healthy lifestyle for your clients with useful tips, tricks and information to help them stay on track.

Heart Health & Weight Management

Put these hear-health and diet-specific resources to work for your clients who have diabetes, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors.

Snacking Tips

Get your clients on track to smarter snacking with these helpful snacking guides.

State of the Science

Stay up to date with the latest almond nutrition research.

Almond Academy

The Almond Academy is a learning and development platform developed with nutrition communication experts to help nutritionists and dietitians advance and refine their existing skills.

Nutrition Bulletin

Staying on top of nutrition news to keep you in the know.