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Almond Academy

The Almond Academy is a learning and development platform developed with nutrition communication experts to help nutritionists and dietitians advance and refine their existing skills. Each resource will focus on a specific method of nutrition communications, from boosting your social media presence, to simplifying peer-reviewed papers into easy-to-digest messages for clients. Download and complete the resources below to hone your skills and earn your Almond Academy certificate!


Association for Nutrition (AfN) Endorsed Resources:

  • Peer-Reviewed Study
  • Social Media Guide
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Translating Complicated Science

If you’ve completed all four of the Association (AfN) Endorsed Almond Academy resources, congratulations! You can get your CPD certificate by downloading the Course Evaluation Form and sharing your completed form with us


If you’ve completed any of our Almond Academy resources, you can still get your Almond Academy certificate by emailing us at

Making Media Interviews Meaningful

Using Emotive Language and Powerful Imagery

Translating Complicated Science

Peer-Reviewed Study

Social Media Guide

Social Media | 2020 Calendar