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Get up and Goal: How Foods High in Fibre and Protein Could be the Secret to Summer Success


Many of us set summer goals to make the most of the season and get to grips with something new. However, it seems we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving them.

Our new survey1 found that, on average, Brits waste 10 hours a month procrastinating instead of working towards their goals and these procrastination pitfalls are causing half (49%) of Brits to fall off track.

Drained energy levels are being blamed with a quarter (23%) of Brits admitting they procrastinate due to sapped supplies, and a further 55% blaming success struggles on low energy alone.

Eating the right foods can have a positive impact on our energy levels yet less than half (45%) choose foods to improve their energy.

What’s more, 28% of Brits believe that mindless snacking is an obstacle towards their goals, however choosing smart snacks for energy could be key to goal gains as snacking on almonds, which contain protein, fibre and healthy fats, to deliver a slow-release of energy, can help keep you on the procrastination-free path to summer success.

TV personality and fitness fanatic Mark Wright highlights how choosing fuelling foods keeps him on track to meet his goals: “At the end of the day, we all procrastinate, especially if it’s a difficult task. I do it all the time with working out but, as soon as it’s done, I feel amazing for it. The reason I work out is all about how it makes me feel, so I love setting myself training goals to tick off each week and in order to do this I have to fuel myself properly.”

“There is nothing worse than having a list of things to do and then an energy slump means you get completely derailed - eating foods, like almonds which contain protein, fibre and healthy fats to deliver a slow-release energy, has been a gamechanger for me, leaving me ready to smash my goals throughout the day.”

Far from a pleasure, procrastination leaves 31% of goal seekers feeling guilty so keeping energy levels topped up is key to help deter dilly-dallying and “go for goal” guilt-free.

We asked Mark for his top tips for a productive procrastination-free summer:

  • Snack [W]right: “Mindless snacking is a common procrastination technique, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Choosing snacks which can provide slow-release energy could stop you in your procrastination tracks. If you’re often tempted by unhealthier snack options when hunger hits, make sure you have healthy snacks to hand. I always carry a portion (30g) of almonds on-the-go to provide feel good fuel – you can even mix it up with flavoured almonds.”

    Constantly reaching for the snack drawer? Research has shown that an almond snack mid- morning can help you feel fuller for longer2.

  • Make Ahead Meals: “It’s so easy to grab a ready meal or takeaway when you can’t be bothered or don’t have time to cook. Prepping healthy meals means you always have something to hand even when you’re rushing out.”

    You can prep snacks too! BOSH!’s Smokey Snacking Savoury Granola can be made ahead so you’re prepared next time you get a snack craving.

  • One Step at a Time: “I get wanting to progress quickly but taking on too much can be overwhelming and cause procrastination. Instead, take small, manageable steps towards your goal, such as adding more vegetables to meals or easing yourself into the gym once or twice a week. These small changes will have a big impact and get you raring to build up to bigger steps at your own pace - if you’re prone to overthinking or worried you’ll fail, just taking that first small step can start you on the path to success.”

    Not sure where to start with healthy eating? Small healthy twists to meals, like swapping to wholegrains, can make a big difference. Why not try adding a handful of almonds to summer favourites like salads or stir frys? Not only do they add crunch, they’re also packed with nutrients for an extra health boost.

  • The Crucial Countdown: “We’re all guilty of a sneaky scroll on social when we should be doing something else. Whenever I’m avoiding starting something I give myself three seconds – once I’ve counted to three in my head, I just get up and do it. And I usually feel much better for it.”

1Almond Board of California consumer survey, June 2022.

2Hull S, et al. A mid-morning snack generates satiety and appropriate adjustment of subsequent food intake in healthy women. European Journal of Nutrition. 2015;54(5):803-10