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All About Green Almonds

Found at select farmers’ markets and produce distributors, green almonds are available for about an eight-week period in spring, usually from early April to late May.

Green almonds: a seasonal delicacy.

Green almonds have fuzzy outsides with insides ranging from soft and jelly-like to smooth and creamy, depending on when they’re harvested. They have a distinct but subtle flavour that is described as delicate, grassy, and fruity –reminiscent of a cucumber –turning more nutty the later they are harvested. The first green almonds are usually picked around 1 April, and are in a gelatinous state that can be consumed whole –including the hull. During the later stages, the kernel has firmed up and the hull and hardening shell must be removed.

Many of the green almonds harvested are shipped across the country to celebrity chefs, upscale restaurants, and private connoisseurs with a taste for them. Due to their short window of availability and shelf life, green almonds have always been considered a rare delicacy and are used by chefs as both a cooking ingredient and a garnish.

Cooking with green almonds.

To prepare green almonds, cut the almond hull along the seam with a paring knife and enjoy the fresh, herbaceous-tasting nut inside as topping for a salad, made into chutney, or simply sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. Pickling or brining green almonds will extend the shelf life of these treats.