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All About Almond Flour

Almond flour is a lighter powder of ground blanched or natural almonds, whereas almond meal is a coarse blend of either ground blanched or natural almonds.

Almond flour power.

Almond flour is the perfect solution for a gluten-free diet because it provides nutrients that are often lacking, such as fibre, calcium, iron and protein. Both almond flour and almond meal are used in many gluten-free recipes.

Baking with almond flour.

Almond flour is a nutritious option for gluten-free baking. Almond flour can be used alone in recipes for hearty and flavourful treats or as an addition to a gluten-free flour blend. Try substituting one-third of your favourite gluten-free flour blend with almond flour for moist and light delicacies.

Flourless Almond Cake with Raspberry Sauce

Makes one 9-inch round cake.