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Keto, Vegetarian, Paleo, Flexitarian…  However you choose to eat, almonds are the perfect addition to a healthy diet. But for many of us, it’s not enough to just eat foods that are good for us. We want our food choices to be good for the planet too. 

Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
Eat Your Heart Out

Why almonds can be a heart-smart food choice.

Health & Wellness
Step to the right beat: why Millennial men need to be heart-smart

We’ve teamed up with Love Island alumni and A&E Doctor, Dr Alex George to highlight some risk factors related to heart conditions and the best place to start to make potentially life changing differences.

Health & Wellness
Almonds: a smart and energising snack swap for weight management

Snacking on nutrient-rich almonds can keep you going throughout the day without impacting your weight and could also have a positive impact on satiety levels.

Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
Putting (and Keeping) the Spring in Your Step

Spring is just around the corner and with the promise of lockdown easing, normality seems to be on the horizon.

Health & Wellness
Wrinkle Study: When it comes to natural beauty, almonds fit right in.

When it comes to natural beauty, almonds fit right in. New research shows that almonds may help improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and skin tone.

Health & Wellness
The Heart of the Matter