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Almonds Per Serving


Your daily dose of antioxidant vitamin E


Essential Nutrients

Feel a little super with the natural power of almonds.

Almonds are packed with plant protein, healthy fats and fibre to help fuel your day. Do You Almond?


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Do You Almond? Life Drawing

Do YOU Almond? Almonds are crammed full of vitamins and nutrients to help find your hidden masterpiece.

Do You Almond? Arcade

Do YOU Almond? Almonds are bursting with natural goodness, vitamins and minerals. You’re on to a winner!

Do You Almond? Log Chopper

Do YOU Almond? Providing energising protein and packed with fibre, good fats and essential nutrients, almonds are a feel-good fuel. Chop! Chop!

From a quirky almond stealing squirrel to a life-drawing maverick, celebrate how almonds fuel you to become the best part of yourself. Do You Almond?