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consumers’ favorite Snack Nut

according to a recent survey1


The snacking category continues to see year-over-year growth,
with a 30% increase in new global product introductions in 2014
alone. In North America, almonds are the most popular nut in
these snack product introductions.2


Surveyed North American consumers named almonds as the
#1 nut they associate with snacking and the nut they most
frequently eat as a snack.1

Valued for its versatility

Thanks to almonds’ wide variety of forms and subtle buttery
taste, they’re a versatile ingredient that can enhance any
product without overpowering it. Whole, sliced, diced, slivered,
chopped, blanched—or as almond oil, almond butter or almond
flour—almonds add value in just about any application.

  1. Sterling-Rice Group, U.S. Consumer AAU, 2015.
  2. Innova Market Insights, Global New Products Database, 2014.



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