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Nothing brings more sweet rewards to chocolate than almonds. It`s a combination that consumers can`t help but melt over.

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With almonds on the snack shelf, consumers can get the satisfying taste they crave plus the nutrition they know they need.

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From their noteworthy nutrition to that irresistible, stays-strong-in-milk crunch, nothing says "cereal perfection" like almonds

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Cakes, pastries and so many of consumers` all-time favorite sweet treats just aren`t the same without the appeal of almonds.

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Taste and Versatility

Sweet. Savory. Salty. Spicy. You name it, almonds can make it even better. There`s nothing this temptingly tasty, uniquely crunchy nut can`t do.

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Consumer Demand

Consumers` preference for almonds has become a downright obsession courtesy of their enticing flavor and top-notch nutrition.

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Other Categories

Almonds don`t stop at just, well, almonds. Almond butter and almond milk are making names for themselves in kitchens all across the globe.

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