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Make Every Spoonful Sensational

Almond CerealNo other nut compares to almonds in the morning. More than half of North America survey respondents (55 percent) in 2014 indicated that the cereals they eat contain nuts, and of those, 73 percent enjoyed cereal with almonds.1
As the definitive breakfast nut, almonds are North Americans’ most preferred and most consumed nut at breakfast, with 53 percent of North American consumers surveyed stating that almonds are the first nut they associate with cereal.2
Consumers surveyed felt a top benefit of almonds was the “crunchier” texture they add to cereals.1
Consumers then rated “more nutritious” (38 percent) and “tastier” (35 percent) as the number two and three attributes of almonds in cereals.1
Interestingly, almonds were least associated with being “old fashioned” and “common” in cereals – a nod to the innovative versatility of the nut.1
With 70 percent of cereal users reporting that they eat cereal three to four times per week or more, almonds have the power to make every cereal experience deliciously unforgettable with subtle, nutty flavor, premium visual appeal and of course, incomparable crunch that holds up exceptionally well with milk, yogurt and more.1
Almonds also bring stellar nutrition and on-the-go convenience to breakfast, and with so many assorted forms to choose from, they’re inspiring a whole new generation of sensational cereal creations.
To learn more about why almonds are the perfect addition to breakfast, download more information here, and visit the almond recipe center for even more almond inspiration.

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