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Stir Up Passion in Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate. It’s rich. It’s creamy. It’s awe-inspiringly irresistible. For centuries, chocolate has been the culinary cue for absolute decadence, and today, more people are looking for new, unique ways to enjoy it.

  • If there’s anything that can up chocolate’s ante, it’s almonds. These crunchy little morsels instantly add a whole new dimension of desire to chocolate’s smooth, dreamy foundation. Want proof? The numbers don’t lie.
  • Almond share of total chocolate consumption increased from 13% in 2010 to 29% in 2013.1
  • Globally, almonds were the number one ingredient selected for inclusion in consumers’ ideal chocolate product.1
  • Emotionally, consumers worldwide believe almonds make chocolate more exciting, uplifting, rewarding, comforting and relaxing.1
  • 65% of global consumers prefer chocolate products with nuts, and even more importantly, they believe almonds are the nut that best fits with both milk and dark chocolate.1

Adding almonds to any chocolate product creates unlimited possibilities in exceptional flavour and tantalizing texture. And while flavour may be king, almonds don’t stop there. They also feed consumers’ desire to make smarter choices when it comes to nutrition.   

Unparalleled taste: “Tastes great” is the number one benefit for consumers when choosing a chocolate product, and when compared to other nuts, consumers around the world agree that almonds are the number one nut that makes chocolate tastier.1

No-nonsense nutrition: 69% of consumers worldwide believe nutrition is important when choosing chocolate products, 75% believe chocolate with almonds is nutritious, and many consumers believe that almonds are the nut that best delivers nutrition in chocolate creations.2

To learn more about how almonds and chocolate mean sweet success, download the full report here. And don’t forget to explore our recipe center for some almond inspiration.



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