Taste and Texture

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Taste and Texture

Taste and texture

The Crunch that Inspires

Almonds are an incredible source of inspiration for food professionals because they’re bursting with the natural, nutty flavour consumers crave. Then of course, there’s that crunch—arguably almonds’ most distinctive sensory trait.

They’re an exceptionally exciting way to add delicious, hearty texture to any food, no matter which form or application you use for your creations. The crunch of an almond is unlike any other—deep, lasting and satisfying—and their light, buttery flavour works well with every cuisine and any flavour profile.

  • Research shows that 80% of consumers perceive a dish with almonds to be “better tasting” and “more interesting.”2
  • 76% of consumers worldwide rate almonds as great-tasting and 72% rate almonds’ crunch as good or excellent.3
  • California almonds are reported as the favourite nut among food professionals because of their taste (70%), versatility (45%), and texture (43%).1

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