Situational Snacker Snack Amnesiac

Find Your Snacking Style


Does your busy schedule often mean you have no time to prepare and eat a full lunch? If so, you're a: Situational Snacker.

Like 73% of woman in the UK, you feel that stress and a busy schedule often leads you to overlook your nutrient intake. You might find that emotional pressures, stress and/or a particularly busy day can cause you to snack, even if you’re not hungry. Learn more »

Do you often find yourself opening a packet of biscuits only meaning to eat one, but suddenly find the packet is empty? If so, you're a: Snack Amnesiac.

If you find yourself snacking on food without even realising, you could well be a Snack-Amnesiac and you’re not alone – research commissioned by the Almond Board of California has shown that 90% of women in the UK admit to snacking mindlessly throughout the day. Learn more »

If you were asked to remember everything you’d nibbled on throughout the day, would you remember every mouthful? If so, you're a: Super Snacker.

As a super-organised snackspert you are familiar with the times of day that you need an extra boost and you can plan your snack accordingly. Learn more »


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