“The Recovery”

Worked out hard this morning? Give yourself a hardcore snack to match. A handful of almonds is a snack that works as hard as you do.

“The Morning Prep”

Take your porridge from “meh” to “mmm” by sprinkling on some almonds. Whole, slivered, sliced—any form will do.

“The Crunch-Time Rush”

Skipping breakfast? Puh-lease. Snack on a handful of satisfying almonds on your way to work. They’ll help you take on the day (and the traffic).

"Snack on a handful of almonds in the car on your way to work."


“The Mid-Morning Battle”

Show that vending machine it’s not the boss of you by trading B4, C5 and D11 for a handful of almonds instead. Just keep a jar in your desk drawer for easy access.

“The Salad Plus-Up”

Sure, sure—salads are crunchy and refreshing, but adding almonds turns them into a real treat. Just picture it: that light, buttery, nutty flavour atop your favourite greens and veggies.

“The Crisp Switch”

Crave crunch at lunch? Almonds can satisfy that. Trade in your crisps for a handful of savoury flavoured almonds like chipotle-roasted, wasabi or dry-roasted.

“The On-the-Goer”

Errands and shuttling the kids around can really ramp up the hunger. Keep an almond stash in your purse to kick those on-the-go grumbles to the curb.

“The Trail Mixer”

If you like a variety of textures in a snack, make your own perfect combo with almonds as part of the mix. Dried fruit, chocolate chips, coconut shavings—get creative.

“The Late-Nighter”

Guilt trips, be gone. Almonds can help you crush (or crunch, rather) those late-night cravings. Choose chocolate-covered almonds or sprinkle slivers over low-fat frozen yogurt.