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Red Fruits and Almonds Muffins

Red Fruits and Almonds Muffins
Prep time: , Cook time: , Total time:



150g flour

100g almonds in powder (almond flour/meal)

1 pinch of salt

170g sugar

1 egg

3tsp sunflower oil

250ml milk =¾1/4 of liter

200g red fruit mixture (fresh or deep-frozen)

100g sliced almonds¾



Butter 12 muffin tins of medium size. Riddle on one bowl the flour, almonds in powder, salt and sugar. Beat on another bowl the egg with sugar, oil and milk until the mixture is smooth. Blend delicately the two-made mixtures with a wooden spoon. Add the red fruit and the sliced almonds to the final mixture in avoiding stirring too much. Tip the mixture into muffin tins. Bake for 20 minutes at 200ç C¾or until an inserted knife emerges from it dry. ¾


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